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07:22 pm: Ugh...
For about the last year, I have been eating a Weight Watchers Berries and Cream muffin almost every morning for breakfast. I realized that they would sell out quicker than some of the other flavors, so I would buy four or five boxes at a time and freeze them. Yes, I've tried the other flavors. I don't like them. I like the Berries and Cream ones. The evil sons of bitches who created these addictive baked treats have now discontinued them. I am devistated. I have been searching for an alternate breakfast food, but none of them are doing it for me. I like grape nuts quite a bit, but I never get up early enough to eat cereal, so I need something I can throw in my bag and take to work. All the stuff I got to try is crappy. The Berries and Cream muffins are irreplaceable. Woe is me.

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